12 junio, 2007

Resumen y Links de las Charlas de la Conferencia sobre el Futuro de la Educación

Tal como les prometí, a continuación les coloco los enlaces para las presentaciones de los expositores en la conferencia sobre El Futuro de la Educación 2007:

Technology and Higher Education — Pedagogy for self organised learning systems
Presentatició de Sugata Mitra

Dave Snowden's Keynote
Presentación Dave Snowdenincludes 3 sessions: 1) Chris 2) Dave C. 3) Dave S. (starts around the 1.02 mark)

The City as Classroom
Presentación Derrick de Kerkhove

Cultural Mutations
Presentación de Rene Barsalo

Knowledge Beyond Authority
Presentación de David Weinberger

My seatmate lives in China: The Imperative for Global Collaborative Projects Abstract
Presentación de Vicki Davis
Presentación en Slides

The Future of Teacher Professional Development: Re-Connecting People and Practice
Presentación de Chris Sessums includes 3 sessions: 1) Chris 2) Dave C. 3) Dave S. (runs from beginning to the 35 minute mark)

Snowclones, Clichés and Memes
Presentación de Dave Cormier includes 3 sessions: 1) Chris 2) Dave C. 3) Dave S. (starts around 35 minute mark)

The Future of Teacher Education: Herding Cats and Chasing Targets
Presentación Cheri Toledo(runs until the 35 minute mark)

Homo Contextus: connected human and the future of education
Presentación Teemu Arina
Presentación de Slides
(starts around the 36 minute mark)

Openness and the Future of Education
Presentación de David Wiley

Computerized, networked, free, open and oppressive education?
Presentación de Teemu Leinonen
(starts around the 1 h 20 min. mark)

Open Educational Resources and Practices
Presentación de Leigh Blackall Elluminate session archive (starts at 1 h 56 min mark)

The Transformation of Learning in Universities through Online Education?
Presentación de MaryFriend Shepard

Participatory Education
Presentación de Jay Cross
Elluminate session archive (starts at the 37 minute mark)

The Biggest Picture
Presentación de Mark Oehlert

DIY Educators Gone Wild: Where are the Instructional Mash-Ups?
Presentación de Brian Lamb
Elluminate session recording (begins at the 31 minute mark)

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